So much coffee

So, I’m in our lab testing our espresso components after enjoying a Chemex of Honduras Las Peñitas while watching the news, then traveling to one of our cafés to taste a shot and have a cup of Sumatra Utara. Might have had too much. Good for theorizing about roast development, but not good for the twitching.

A quick shout out to Sweet and Sara

I’m sure most of you already know about the her, but I need to give props to one of the hardest working women I’ve ever met. When Dawn and I lived in Brooklyn, we were  among the first employees of a vegan fast food joint called Foodswings (as it turns out, Freedom Tripodi is a cousin of mine and we never met until he hired me), but that’s a story for another time. As part of our offerings we had an array of delicious sweets from local and almost local vendors. One of them was the lovely and magical Sara Sohn of the now famous If you’ve never tried her vegan marshmallows, rice krispy treats, s’mores, veeps, etc., go to her website now and check it out. Her operation has completely blown up since I met her in 2005 with the tireless help from her lovely parents who never seem to stop. Sara has opened the door for countless vegan companies with her hard work and creativity. Every scene needs an innovator and I believe that Sara Sohn is that for vegan sweets. She has been very bad for my waistline, but I’m stoked to call her a friend.


I haven’t written here since before Winter, but now I feel it may be time again. It snowed this morning even though Winter is supposed to be over. Tomorrow we do an inspection on a house that we’d like to purchase and finally leave Mt, Doom.

On the go



Though it was a little chilly this morning, it was beautiful outside. After doing 17 miles on the exercise bike, I went out for a nice run. The first half was on the road and the last half was through the woods. I’m not a huge fan hills, but it did feel good in the end. Time for some evening yoga and then a little So Delicious Almond milk Mocha Almond Fudge.



We we’re finally forced to fire up the pellet stove last night for the first time this year and there were some flurries this morning. When I left for work this morning my car was covered in a think layer of frost. So it seems fitting that I’d spend the day listening to funeral doom metal. Evoken, Loss, Mournful Congregation, etc. On the upside, I found a house for sale that may work out very well…

Turn it around

While I’ve been going through the basement and closets, getting rid of things that are just cluttering up my life, I’ve done the same in the virtual world. Today was the end of one of my twitter accounts as well as my instagram and tumblr accounts. I use them frequently, but get too caught up in them. Facebook is next. That will leave this as my only outlet and provides me with a bit of a clean start. Speaking of clean start, I’ve started running. Two weeks ago I decided that beer was also too distracting and bought some running shoes instead of wasting that money at my favorite local brewery. I’ve only run twice(a few miles each time, on and off road), but I do have a busy schedule and still manage to fit in 15 miles a day on the exercise bike if I can’t get out on my actual bike. Yoga and meditation have also been worked in to my healthier routine as has better eating. Even though next month marks 19 years living vegan, I don’t always make the healthiest choices. That said, Dawn and  just made chili and cornbread from scratch using lots of local organic ingredients. Cheers!